Thursday, March 17, 2016

This stone

This. This is my son's grave site. This is my son's name carved in stone. This is where a piece of my heart lies. This is a part of my reality. This is where his body is buried.

But his spirit his bigger than this. His legacy means more than this. My love is more powerful than this.

This still happens though. Other parents still go through this. Prematurity still causes this. NEC still kills preemies that may have lived otherwise. And this...this is why we walk, why we support March of Dimes. We hope their prematurity campaign can prevent this. Even if for just one family, for them not to know this....this heartache.
Please consider donating to our March for Babies team, Marcellus's Marchers, to honor Marcellus and help us know his name reaches farther than his grave stone.
Here's the link to my fundraising page:

Dear Marcellus, I hate this. I hate seeing your name on this stone. But you are more than this. You are my son. My sweet boy. Your name reaches beyond this. One way we hope to keep your name more than this is through March for Babies. We hope we can do enough this year. I love and miss you immensely...always. xoxox.