Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dear 9th,

You suck and I hate you. You mark the day that my son died. Whenever you come around I am more acutely aware of how long he's been gone...9 months today. 9 months without my sweet boy to love on and hold and kiss. Today I struggled to get out of bed to face you. And now that I am up I need to treat you like any other day and be productive. How do I continue to do this 9th after 9th? And now there are only two more of you, until that 9th rolls around. So with that, I wish you would go away. But in my heart I know even if I could skip over you each month, it wouldn't change anything. He'd still be gone.

Marcellus, the anniversary date of your death is often very hard for Mommy. I miss you baby boy and this date marks when you left this earth. Loving you right up to the moon and back my little squirmy wormy! xoxox

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  1. So sorry Morgan, saying a prayer for you now.